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InkWell Halftone Software Development Kit

The InkWell Halftone Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a means of converting a continuous tone stream into a halftone stream. The library supports standard PostScript (AM) screening types in the form of both traditional Rational Tangent (RT) screening and Supercell screening methods (often referred to as "Accurate Screening") . The Supercell screening method within the InkWell Halftone SDK kernel uses proprietary True Linear Approximation (TLA) technology as developed by Rapport for the PostScript/PDF kernel. In addition, the SDK incorporates other halftoning features, some unique to the InkWell halftone library,. These include:

  • Rational Tangent (RT) screening
  • Supercell (Accurate Screening)
  • Threshold halftones (pre-calculated halftones)
  • Support for increased halftone shades through the Shade Doubler feature
  • Support for smoother halftone shades through the Shade Balancer feature
  • User defined spot shapes
  • Support for different halftone resolutions in X and Y

The InkWell halftone library is implemented with strict ANSI C compliance and is hence portable across any hardware or software platform with such compliance.

Licensing Information
InkWell products are normally commercially licensed to OEMs on a royalty basis with prices suitable for a variety of product types, system prices and volumes.
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