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InkWell Postscript/PDF Software Development Kit

The InkWell PostScript/PDF Software Development Kit (SDK) is a software package that provides host applications and systems with PostScript and PDF processing capability.

At the core of the InkWell SDK, the InkWell kernel (shared library or DLL) provides host systems with an interface (API) that enables the processing of PostScript and PDF language files and streams. Integrating the InkWell kernel into host systems provides those systems with the full capabilities of PostScript and PDF processing devices. InkWell may be used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for a variety of purposes including:

PostScript/PDF virtual printer emulation
The InkWell kernel is a fully capable PostScript and PDF processor. As well as the ability to process and rasterize documents for printing to a variety of device configurations, it provides a range of control features that enable operation with real hardware devices. Host applications can use InkWell to present any software or hardware device as a PostScript/PDF printing device. InkWell then provides the host application with raw page bitmap data which the host can process further or send directly to the hardware to be printed. InkWell is implemented with strict ANSI C compliance and is hence portable across any hardware or software platform with such compliance.

PostScript/PDF document import and conversion
The InkWell kernel enables the host application to open and process PostScript and PDF documents and gain access to graphical page data for the purpose of importing into native application formats or converting into other formats. InkWell provides processed page data in one of two modes:

Raster mode: A fully rasterized page bitmap is provided at the configuration (resolution, colour model, bit depth etc) requested by the host application.

Display list mode: Graphical page elements such as text, paths and images are handed back to the host application separately via callbacks enabling further processing or conversion. Graphical data can be provided according to the ability of the host application to process such data. For example, text may be provided as character codes, character outlines or character bitmaps according to preference.

InkWell also provides the ability to extract useful information from a document without full processing via the DSC and Stats modes. The DSC mode provides access to Document Structuring Convention data that expresses document information within a PostScript document. Stats mode is useful for determining such aspect of a document as the bounding box etc before full processing takes place.

The InkWell SDK package
As well as the InkWell kernel (share library or DLL), the InkWell SDK package contains various resources assisting with the integration process including compilable source examples, test files, and detailed documentation. InkWell ships with a set of 35 high quality PostScript Type1 fonts and is available for Windows and Linux platforms with other platforms supported on request.

Licensing Information
InkWell is normally commercially licensed to OEMs on a royalty basis with prices suitable for a variety of product types, system prices and volumes. For further details please contact us at



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