Company Profile

Rapport Ltd. is a software company developing for the print and prepress industry whilst specialising in the support of the PostScript page description language. For over a decade Rapport has been offering a range of quality PostScript and PDF related services and products to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

Services range from PostScript technology advice and consultancy to related development and integration of PostScript in new and existing OEM products. For product integration Rapport offers a fast, efficient and highly configurable implementation of PostScript/PDF - The
InkWell Software Development Kit.

Portable across most popular computer platforms, The InkWell implementation offers tight compatibility with the Adobe® standard together with the flexibility and attention to special requirements and customisation that are possible with the development team close at hand.

In addition, a number of products are also offered which utilise the InkWell library and related technologies. These include the InkWell Halftone SDK for adding PS halftoning support to third party applications and the InkWell for Windows application which is a simple Windows-based PostScript viewer and file format converter. If you would like more information regarding any of Rapport's products please contact us directly or alternatively email us at:


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